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You should not become a blogger if………

requirements to become a bloggerIt is so easy to issue detailed list of dos and don’ts for blogging. But one rarely guides on who should not become a blogger. Obviously this field is not every body’s cup of tea. There are certain skills you must have if you want to do this activity individually. If you outsource lot of blogging activities even then you must know certain skills to manage your blogging business effectively.

If you are not entrepreneur

If you don’t have the ability to start a work by yourself and continue it with your own skills then you should not become a blogger. In this field at every stage you have to pick the best way to move ahead. Your decision power must be extra ordinary. From the day one you have to pick the best option from multiple choices. Which one is your best niche? Here you have to opt for the best one. This is the role of an entrepreneur who at every stage of decision making takes risks to get appropriate return of his venture.

If you can’t take initiative

If you can’t take initiative at right time you should not become a blogger. At the every stage of your blogging activity you have to move ahead with some initiative. Here you don’t just have to respond to any change. Sometimes things move smoothly without any major change. It doesn’t mean you should remain passive during such time. You should keep on making innovation in your work and put more and more efforts to excel others and expand your blogging business.

If you are not proactive

If you are simply reactive and don’t have drive to work proactively you should not become a blogger. You don’t have to wait for something to happen and then you respond. If your business run smoothly and you are earning handsomely even then you have to bring smart ideas to further expand your blogging venture.

If you are not a leader

If you don’t have the ability to lead you should not become blogger. What does a leader do? He influences the people and make them act as he wants. As blogger what you need to do. You have to influence your readers to sell them your products and services. Hence leadership is the one of the basic requirements to become a successful blogger.

If you are not educated

Simply knowing the skills of the web development and designing are not enough to stay successful in this field. You must have the basic education to apply it in this business. If you are not able to write well, research intensively and remain updated on your niche you should not become a blogger.

So these are the five basic and compulsory requirements without whom you should not become a blogger. Do you think certain other requirements are also necessary to apply your luck in this field? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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