Yes you can become millionaire

Who wants to become millionaire? Popularly it’s a brand name of a famous TV quiz show but actually it is the earnest desire of everyone of us who really wants to enjoy this life. We must be clear on one point that becoming rich is not prohibited in any religion or culture only the ways to become millionaire vary from person to person. If one gets rich through obeying all relevant laws and not harming anyone it is good even enviable. Yes if someone resorts to unfair means for this, it is absolutely a bad idea.

Who becomes a millionaire?

Did you observe so many people become millionaire as soon as they born, some others just work hard for a few years and get so and some others have to put their whole life to achieve this goal. The story does not end here. Majority of the people could not have become millionaire till the end of their life because of various reasons. It is generally observed that out of 100 people who desire to become rich only 10 per cent can achieve their goal. Rest has to be contented over whatever they have or their desire becomes their dream which never comes true.

Why majority of people do not become millionaire?

Those who despite having strong desire to become rich could not have become so because of various factors but most important of them is wrong decision in choice of their career. There are two types of societies all around the world one is conservative where elders decide about the future of their children and other one is liberal one where kids are given right to select their career by their own. This is about start of the career. In a conservative society parents select the start of the career of their kids and problem starts from there. The kids who are sent to their right career they become successful in their field. But it happens by chance. The rest of the kids usually have to suffer the bad decision of their parents and remain an average professional in their field. In liberal society though youth select by themselves what they should do in their life but most of them fail to take right decision because of their limited vision and experience. They also get career counseling but it also does not work so accurately.

Who must become millionaire?

There is only one group of the luckiest people who must become millionaire in every part of the world. They are the people who by chance or with planning opt for the most perfect career for them. They people either select the right career at the beginning or at the mid and even at near-end of their career. In any of the case because of their tendency in the subject of their choice they become successful in lesser time as compare to those who have to be contented over a career that was selected by their parents or wrongly by themselves.

Why some people must become millionaire.

They are the people who actually borne for the career they have selected luckily by chance or with proper decision making. In this way they don’t believe in 9 to 5 even they don’t believe in day and night. They enjoy working, when they happy they work, when they are sad they work even when they sleep they work in their dreams. This is called passion or doing something from the depth of the heart. Look around the world whether a millionaire or billionaire is businessman or professional in any of the case the work he is doing must be his second nature. So explore your second nature, the work you not only do but also eat it, drink it, sleep it and even breathe it then nobody can stop you from becoming a millionaire.

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