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What is story-based blog post and how to write it?

define story based blog postThere are a many, many different types of blog posts. Some blog posts are meant for entertainment purposes whereas others are meant for educational purposes. Different blogs feature different types of blog posts according to the niche which the blog is based on. Well, all bloggers decide their niche in advance and write blog posts according to their niche. However, there are some bloggers who do not write on a specific niche. Such bloggers write blog posts that are known as “story-based blog posts”.

What is story-based blog post you ask? Well, a story-based blog post is a type of blog post that features a story. The story that the blog post features can be regarding any topic or any niche. The only thing that is common between different story-based blog posts is that all of them feature a story.

The importance of a story-based blog post

There is a question that bloggers and people in general ask more than the question “What is story-based blog post?” and that is the question “What is the importance of story-based blog posts?” Well, story-based blog posts are extremely important when it comes to blogging and that is the reason why the majority of bloggers prefer writing story-based blog posts as compared to writing informative blog posts or “review” blog posts. In addition, story-based blog posts are also easier to write as compared to all other blog posts, including informative blog posts.

How to write a story-based blog post?

The people who want to know “what is story-based blog post?” also want to know how they can write a story-based blog post. Well, the following is a fool-proof, step by step guide which, when followed to every instruction can help a person successfully write a story-based blog post for their blog.

Step 1: Decide a topic

The first step that a person needs to take in order to write a story-based blog post is to decide a topic. A person cannot write a story-based blog post until or unless they have decided the topic which their story-based blog post will be based on.

Step 2: Brainstorm ideas and create a sample blog post

Next, a person needs to brainstorm all the ideas that they have regarding the topic that they have chosen. A person needs to make sure that they jot down all of the ideas that they have in order to make sure that their story-based blog post is full of interesting ideas and concepts. In addition, a person also needs to create a sample blog post which will be a basic blueprint that they will use in order to create their finalized post.

Step 3: Finalize the blog post and proofread it

Once a person has completed all the steps 1 and 2, all they need to do is to finalize their blog post. Once a person has finalized their blog post, they need to make sure that they proofread the blog post for any errors so that the concept of their story-based blog post can clearly reach the reader.

Do you know of any more ways how a person can write a story-based blog post?

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