What is an unstable business environment?

business environment lacking stabilityIn the field of business, a stable and secure business environment is needed by both, the employer and the employee. A stable business environment helps the employer have a good relationship and with their employees and it also cuts off the chances of misunderstandings due to a lack of communication. In an unstable business environment, the relationship between the employer and employee is challenged and damaged every now and then. Plus, there is also a distinct lack of communication between the employer and employee; this mostly leads to misunderstandings and employees losing their jobs just because of the instability of the business environment. It is necessary for an employer to maintain a healthy and stable business environment which is for their own good as it increases productivity and also decreases their chance of losing good talent.

An unstable business environment can be described in many ways. There are also many types if unstable business environment and also different causes for the instability. Some common causes of the instability of a business environment are:

A bad fish in the pond- This figure of speech generally refers a business as a ‘pond’and a bad employee as the ‘bad fish’. This is the reason which causes instability in a majority of business environment. The figure of speech here means that when a bad/rotten employee enters a business environment, it becomes unstable as the person has some bad qualities. He may be a conspirator, a hypocrite or someone who cannot be trusted. This person can be anyone who is told something, and tells something else to another person. These people should never be trusted and can cause much trouble for everyone in the business environment.

No guarantee of employee safety- Another cause of instability in a business environment is the lack of safety. If the employee is not safe, they will not be productive, and if they are not productive the business will suffer a loss which will ultimately affect the employer and executives. It is true that ‘an unsafe environment is an unstable environment’. That is the reason why the heads of a business and the employer should pay attention to the safety of a business environment and should take care of the safety of every employee.

No employment security- This is something that many businesses lack. It is a very large loophole which affects the stability of a business environment. If a business itself is unstable and there is no guarantee when it might fall, the business environment also gets affected and the employees start to think of their financial security. If there is no guarantee whether an employee will continue their job next month, then that shows a lack in the employment security a business has to offer to its employees.

These were not all, but some of the causes of instability in a business environment which ultimately leads to heavy losses to a company and its entire faculty. Employers should always check and balance their working environment every now and then and should perfect it. Employers need to be extremely cunning and keen for their business’ security and success in this regard.

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