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Warning; your blog will drown if you keep posting words

why blog failsWhen a person creates a blog and starts updating it regularly, there are some things that they are supposed to post and there are some things that they are to supposed to post. Most people do not realize what they should not post on their blog and this ultimately becomes the reason for the drowning of their blog. In addition, most people also do not know when they should post content, which is another reason why most blogs drown not long after they are created.

In any case, there are some words that are considered taboo in the world of blogging. These words are the words that are capable of drowning a blog. There is a fair chance that your blog will drown because of these words, if it does drown that is. Well, these words are “useless words”, “ineffective words” or words that are of no use to the reader. When a person creates a blog, they create the blog for a certain audience that they want to target. Well, the words that are of no use to the target audience of any given blog are the words that can lead to the blog’s drowning. Since they can cause a blog to drown, most bloggers refrain from posting them and also inform newbie bloggers to do so too.

How can these words drown a blog?

When it comes to blogging, what a person aims for when they create a blog is the interest of their target audience. In addition, only those blogs that are capable of getting their target audiences interested in them are worthy of being known as successful blogs. For example, if you create a blog and fail to capture the attention and the interest of your blog’s target audience, your blog will not be known as a successful blog and, ultimately, your blog will drown. These words are capable of drowning blogs because when a blog displays such content or words and the target audience of the blog reads it, the y lose interest in the blog and not many readers out of the total audience come back to read the blog. These words cause a decrease in the number of readers that a blog has, ultimately leading to its demise.

How can a person prevent the drowning of their blog should they ever post these “words”?

Well, there are many ways that a person can use in order to prevent the drowning of their blog should they ever post these words. A person can try editing the post and turning the useless words into humorous content. Secondly, a person can try apologizing to their readers for the useless content that they posted on their blog earlier. In addition, if all else fails, a person can also prevent the drowning of their blog, to a large extent, if they ever post useless content or words by posting new and useful content right after the useless post. However, you should remember that prevention is always better than cure and that you can only prevent the drowning of your blog after posting useless content or words once or twice in the entire life span of your blog. If you post useless content or words more than twice in the life span of your blog, your blog will drown and cease to exist.

What do you think about these “words” that are capable of drowning a blog?

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