Transformational Leadership Definition

transformational leadership definitionTransformational leadership definition focuses on participatory aspect of leading the followers. Such type of leadership aims to achieve set goals by involving the followers through motivation, morale build up and counselling.  A transformational leader develops a bonding with people on the basis of shared interests and objectives. His or her ultimate goal is to take on board all struggling entities until the achievement of ultimate goal. There is sense of ownership in each individual of a group which moves ahead following this model of leadership.

Transformational leadership definition is the brainchild of James MacGregor Burns who first unveiled its definition and termed it a participatory form of leadership which is now widely practices in all fields of life. He defined it a way of interaction between leader and his or her followers to keep motivating each other till the ultimate objectives are achieved and during that struggle it doesn’t let the individual and collective morale go down below the certain level. He said that this form of leading people believes in change which may be in struggle, in way of thinking, path of moving ahead or reaching the destination; in every aspect of struggle one can bring change just for the sake of achievement of set objectives.

Let’s try to understand transformational leadership definition practically. In today’s world whosoever aspires to become leader or put himself or herself for this audacious task claims to be agent of change and presents an agenda of change by putting aside the stereo-typed approach of struggling and moving ahead. This approach appeals the people and willingly or unwilling they pin lot of hopes on such messages which promise change in society, in a sector, in a community or even in a small group of people. Change is admired by all and sundry because people avoid boredom as a result of following one line of action for the whole life.

Later on, another human resource management expert Bernard M Bass evolved the basic concept of transforming leadership into a refined state and instead of transforming he termed it a transformational approach where all factors of leading and following transform into a movement full of motivation and enhanced morale. He did not change the basic concept but made it more inclusive and bring this concept up to the modern lines of leadership wherein democratic norms are fundamentals of every shared struggle.

Transformational leadership definition also states that the leaders of such type always welcome the comments, views, suggestions, objections, concerns, queries and doubts of followers at every stage of struggle. They believe in debate first, struggle thereafter and argue that silence can’t be affirmative all the time, sometimes it can brew grievances between the rank and file of a group which ultimately may harm the morale and motivation of all.

If we cast a look around the globe, in every region and every country transformational leaders are ahead in every field. Be it politics, sports, business, information technology, social work or education huge following have those who believe in interactive approach to steer the people to the path of success in whatsoever field. It once again confirms the theory of participation which believes in taking the all concerned on board if one really wants to insure success.

Did you ever observe a person around you who is a symbol of transformational leadership definition? Please share your views in comments below.

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