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Nowadays ebook has become a great source of earning passive income. You just have to write one and put it on sale on various sites that act as commission agent to sell your ebook. If you run a blog or website you have the option to place your ebook there either free if you aim to promote your blog through it. Else you can earn money by selling it through various commission agent websites. Here are the 20 Websites where you can sell your ebook (

But the main thing is on which topic you want to write it. It is so easy to write on a topic of your interest but you have to see its market demand. You cannot make money by informing people about top 10 historical events of previous decade. Such info is available on internet free of cost. So you must explore a topic that has money value. It must be one for that people get ready to spend money. Here are the top 10 ebook ideas that have monetary value.

Get Rich Quick

Despite oceans of information on this topic people still want to know more about this. Why? It is because from the information available so far they could not have become rich. But their desire to get rich quick is still there. Therefore, wherever they find some fresh information the rush to grab it. If you prove that your information would surely make them rich quick they would obviously pay the price for it. But the main challenge to sell your ebook on this topic is to convince people that they must become rich quickly after reading your publication. For this you have to prove it with case studies and without making any fraud or telling lies. It must have truly all such information to make someone rich in no time.

How to earn passive income?

This is also another desire of most of the people that they want to do something just once and after that want to earn money forever. This is called passive income. They want to invest their skills, time or money into a venture where they just take efforts for once and they get a regular income stream forever. Here the main thing is idea. How do you present your idea to make people apply it and earn without doing much. In the field of internet, marketing, blogging and affiliate marketing there are several ideas where you can earn without doing anything big.

How to earn part-time income?

Most of the on-job people always want some extra income. Their standard of living has risen to a level where they can’t manage their finances with available income. That is why they keep on thinking about earning more with less effort. They either want to apply their full-time job skills to earn part-time some more money or even become ready to enter in new field if it does not need very hard work. Their intention is to earn something more on part-time. Such people don’t believe in passive income because they are habitual of doing a full-time job. That is why they don’t avoid regular work and get ready to work daily for a little time to earn more.

How to raise your income?

This is the main concern of businessmen. They don’t want to do any part-time job or business. They just want to increase their income with their current business. You have to give them tips and tricks to earn more with their present business. For this you have to revive their passion with practical examples and make them believe that if they adopt your methods they will surely earn more. Here again the main need is to give them case studies on how so many people earlier followed your tips and now have doubled their income from their business.

How to save without deferring needs?

Everybody wants to save from the present income but without postponing or rejecting the fair needs of him and his family. So you have to tell them how they first develop certain spending habits to save whenever they spend for their wants. In this way people can have a particular spending style where instead of spending more and taking its benefit less or equal, they would follow the path of spending less and getting benefit more. You have to be exact in this effort to tell them the exact places where they can buy things on discount or how they can buy in bulk and save some extra bucks.

How to learn more in less time?

Ours is an age of competition. Everybody wants to learn more and more but don’t want to spend time for it. It is the priority of the people that after doing their job or business they may enjoy more and more. That is why they want tips and tricks so that they learn more in less time. For this purpose they want tips, tricks and techniques. They want the websites and institutes where they can learn exactly what they want to learn. They don’t want to spoil their time in searching and researching. So you have to tell them how to learn more and more in no or less time. Here you have to be exact in telling your tips and tricks. You have to give them exact information where they can learn without wasting much time.

How to become successful quickly?

It is the nature of man that he wants quick results. He is not patient by nature. He remains excited after doing a little effort. You can tell people how to become successful in little time. You can convince them for success what little time means. But here again only rhetoric will not work. You have to give them exact techniques to become successful quite earlier. People want to succeed in early age to enjoy rest of their life as a successful person. This is the point you have to sell through an ebook and sell it in large number.

How to develop the personality?

People want their personality becomes perfect. Others admire it. For this purpose they want to make their personality free from flaws. Therefore, any topic that let people know how to get rid of bad habits or develop good habits can be sold easily.

Mother and childcare

If you have a little background of medicine you can write an ebook on childcare or mother-care. It can be sold in huge number in new parents because they are much concerned about the wellbeing of their newborn and also about the newly-made mother.


There are several psychological problems people don’t want to declare them nor want to let people know them or discuss over them. That is why they want the healing of their psychological problems secretly. For this purpose an ebook to cure any serious psychological disease has a hot demand in the market. The need is to just publicize it to send it to its target audience.

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