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Top 5 ways to make money with Google Plus

tips to make money with Google plusAs most people have probably noticed by now, Google has introduced a new social network to the world, a network known as Google Plus or Google+. Google Plus is a social network and like almost all other social networks in existence, Google plus is capable of helping a person earn money online. Most people still don’t know how they can make money with Google plus and that is the sole reason why the number of Google plus users is growing steadily instead of growing heavily.

How a person can make money with Google plus

People need to know how Google’s newest product can be sued to make money. So, the following are the top 5 ways how a person can make money with Google plus.

Running a tutorial service

Way before Google plus was even a concept, people used Google Talk in order to communicate with each other. With the arrival of Google plus, Google Talk or GTalk has been renamed to “Hangouts” and the infamous “video call” option has now been renamed to the “Hangout” option. Well, people can still communicate with each other using Hangouts but what is better than communicating with each other is making money by communicating with each other.

One can hope to make a considerable amount of money with Google Plus by running a tutorial service. A person can tutor people using the “Hangout” feature and the people they tutor will pay them for the classes they attend. No matter what a person teaches, they can easily make money with Google plus by running a tutorial or tutoring service.

Become a Beta tester

Another way how a person can earn money with Google plus is by becoming a Beta tester responsible for testing an array of applications that are being developed for either Google plus or the Hangouts platform. Becoming a Beta tester is as easy as can be and a person does not even have to worry about not having any work to do since applications for Google plus and Hangouts are being developed all the time.

Promote your product

A passive way of making money using Google Plus is by promoting the products or services that you sell. A product or service can be promoted through any given social media network and Google Plus is no different.

Promote someone else’s product

There are many individuals and companies out there who are willing to pay Google plus users for promoting their products. However, the only requirement for this job position is that the Google plus user hoping to earn some money by promoting other people’s products needs to have a considerable amount of people in his or her circles. The more people a Google plus user has in their circles, the more they will be able to earn by promoting someone else’s product.

Drive traffic to your website

If a person runs a website that makes them money, they will be able to make a considerable amount of cash by driving traffic from their Google plus account to their website. The more traffic a person drives to their website, the more money they will earn.

There are no better ways that a person can use in order to earn money using Google plus than the five fool-proof ways that have been described above. Anyone who needs to earn money through Google plus can do so using these methods.

Do you know of any more ways how a person can earn money using Google plus?

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