Short Film Ideas

Short film ideas are always big ideas because in a short span of time a story with clear and magnanimous theme is to be fully communicated to viewers in few words. “Average people talk about plans and great people talk about ideas” is a famous saying which shows the worth of thoughts first and action later.

It is widely acclaimed that idea of anything either it is product, service, project, venture, website, movie, drama or something else must be saleable. Here saleable doesn’t mean worthy of sale but worthy of huge applause because if it does not hit its target audience impressively it would be called a dud idea worthy of nothing.

There is an inspiration behind an idea. Short film idea can also be had through every day life experience. It is a famous saying; “if you want to write a novel just stand at a busy thorough fare and keep asking people to tell you their life history. Every second person would be giving you a strong plot for a best seller novel”. It means whatever we see around us, an idea can be derived from it but the art is your way to feel the world.

There is also a set rule to develop a short film idea. First of all is real life experience while travelling in a bus if you see a person with dismal look and not wary of surrounding, he or she can be the central character of your short movie. A writer once wrote somewhere that he saw a person in heavy rains carrying an umbrella but unopened because of being engrossed in certain deep thoughts.

There is also another way of taking inspiration. You just watch a movie and try to take one scene from it to develop it into another way and change its entire plot. Like if you watch a movie where girl and boy meet on a highway, see dead end on a road and move back. You just change this idea by just showing boy and girl saw a dead end on the road and instead of moving back they just stayed there on optimism that someday it would be opened for movement.  Their stay and all happening during their stay would be enough stuff for your short movie.

A news story is also a key source to generate an idea for a short film. A shocking scandal of any political icon or financial scam of big computer giant can tell a lot to turn it into a plot of a story of short movie. Even small stories of less importance are also so helpful to twist them into a big idea. For example most of the issues of third world countries are taken from print media to develop them into documentary films and the same can also be incorporated in short movies.

Book reading also helps develop idea for a short film. For this purpose one has to be an avid reader because just flipping through books will not help you explore a big idea. Therefore, habit of book reading should be developed on permanent basis which apart from lending lot of ideas keep us making knowledgeable on all issues.

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