National youth leadership

National youth leadership is the young breed of a nation where whole nation pin hopes on them for a better future. Most of the countries in this world offer best opportunities to their youth. They pick out of them born-leaders to train them to move on the helm of the affairs in future. It does not happen in planned manners. Most of the policymakers of youth affairs aim to lift the capable youth in their early ages to make them lead the nation in future.

Ministry of youth affairs

Many countries have separate ministries of youth affairs at national and state/provincial level. A separate minister is assigned to oversee youth development and welfare programs. He or she paves the way for their improvement and aggrandizement. Youth trainings in every sector and field are separately held to let them perform more professionally. Youth are helped to be well-prepared before entering into their practical life.

Volunteerism in youth

If unfortunately any natural disaster like flood, earthquake or typhoon occurs in a country then the voluntarism of younger generation is worth-seeing there. Even during any untoward incident of minor nature the role of youth remains glaringly as seen on media. Youngsters regardless of their gender and affordability come out to help those who need any kind of assistance.

Tsunami and youth leadership

The recent tsunami of South and Southeast Asia and earthquake of Japan is one of the relevant examples. A large number of youngsters showed the spirit of national youth leadership and proved their passion to serve the society in time of need regardless of any reward or appreciation. Most fortunate are nations who have huge amount of national youth leadership. One can say for sure that such nations would never bow down before odds. Every country has natural disaster management department where policies and strategies are made to ward off the panic at the time of any unavoidable natural disaster. These departments mostly rely on national youth leadership and enlist all such voluntary youth associations that want to assist the government in disaster management. Here no question of motivation or incentive arises and youngsters themselves offer their rescue services for the welfare of their country.

Concept of national youth leadership

National youth leadership is not any formal forum where lot of younger lot is trained to lead the nation in future. It is actually a concept which covers all young leaders of the nation who have confidence, abilities and energies to take the nation to the height of the strength and success. There are several examples in the history when national youth leadership of the countries played pivotal role at the time of crisis.  They helped ease the nation from hard times.

A youth leader can hail from anywhere

It is generally believed that educational institutions are the hub of national youth leadership but it is not very true. Sometimes a youngster from a motor workshop or a slum rises to the sky and stuns the all owing to his or her leadership qualities. History is replete with such examples and mentioning the names of few would be injustice to the rest of all.

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