Leader or manager; who is the best?

Leader or manager; who is the best? This has been a common debate since the introduction of the managerial science. During previous two decades the concept of administration has entirely changed. Now it has become human resource management.  Earlier each manager was treated a leader. But now a leader is usually a manager. But it is not necessary that a manager must be a leader. Now it is heated debate if a boss of the company is a leader or simply a manager. Most of the arguments on the subject imply as if manager is something superior to a leader but that is incorrect.

It is not so easy to select a leader or manager for the specific task. But it is generally believed that if a manager has all the skills of the leadership then of course the task becomes easier. Generally a lengthy list of terms and conditions is made to pick a leader or manager for a specific task. But while doing so it would be injustice to term the leader superior to manager. Both have their own traits. We discuss here top four traits which make a distinct line between both of them.

Inborn qualities

Leader or manager; both have certain inborn qualities to either lead or to manage. But it doesn’t mean that a leader can’t manage and just lead the staff members. He or she has dual role of leading and managing simultaneously.  He or she learn to manage but has the basic traits to lead by birth.

On the other hand a manager can also lead the team members but not as effectively as an inborn leader can do so. However, in this age of technology everything can be learnt. Therefore, with the help of software and manuals most of the leadership qualities can also be acquired.


Leader or manager; their vision differentiate them with each other. A leader has usually a long term approach to get the things done. He or she has in mind how to take the best from workers right now and in future too. This visionary approach of the leader broadens his or her sight to keep achieving the goals over goals. On the contrary a manager remains task-specific. His or her top priority remains to accomplish the task that is in hand. It doesn’t mean he or she damn care about long-term goals. A manager achieves the goals in piecemeal, yap one by one.


Leader or manager; their approach to get the things done is quite different. Former has a viable approach to take on board all the team members with the objective to draw the maximum input from them for the best of the organization. A manager takes the work which is sufficient to finish a task with the targets. Hence leader has a broader approach while a manager has a specific (not narrow) one to finish the task.


Leader or manager; this is the main point of differentiation between them, yap their behavior. Both are so kind and caring to their team members. But former has higher qualities of interaction with the subordinates without being influenced by them. On the other hand a manager remains cautious while behaving with the subordinates. His or her objective is to keep a justified distance from them and remain their boss formally.

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