Leader is Born Not Made

Leader is not a sort of super human being who can turn the whole scenario by the dint of his or her charismatic qualities for the good of the humanity. Nor is he or she is superior to other human beings in fundamental qualities given by the nature like wisdom, will power, judgement power etc. The most prominent quality he or she has is to take the right decision at the right time and implement it without any kind of faltering. It means just like other people who perform important responsibilities in their lives a leader leads the people towards a destination set by a group of people.

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How to become a leader?

Leader is not made but born; it s a famous proverb which is absolutely right in its real terms. But after the advancement in the learning process nothing remains in this world which can’t be learnt because of the latest ways of learning. In this situation it is so unwise to say that leadership qualities can’t be taught or can’t be learnt. Yes it is possible that a born leader may get training of leadership more efficiently and can give the miraculous results as compare to one who is not a born leader but his or her circumstances are set to make him or her a leader through the training and the professional leadership education.

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Qualities of a leader

Leader doesn’t know the word impossible and tries to convert the impossible into the possible by his or her influence over the followers to motivate them to the highest possible point and make them put their best for the attainment of the excellent. He or she doesn’t make a miracle through a magic wand but it’s a lengthy process and a true leader proves at every step that it is he or she whom can be trustfully followed by all the followers without any hesitation to achieve the success. In this way an ideal relationship between a leader and followers is developed through two-way exchange of trust and the mutual confidence.

Main task of a leader

Leader has passion and enthusiasm but simultaneously has wisdom and patience to rationally analyze the situation first and thereafter act and make the followers act to accomplish the task with the best possible results through minimum wastage of resources. The problem of the whole world is to produce more with lesser inputs. So the key task of a leader is to achieve the excellent results with minimum use of all the factors of production like land, labor capital and organization. Here we are focusing definition of leader in business world where one has to produce the results in quantified terms like amount of profit and no one can claim to be leader in the world of business without proving his or her qualities of the leadership.

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Who is a genuine leader?

Hence we can say that a genuine leader in any field would not be accepted as worthy of following unless he or she proves to be a true leader by achieving the tough targets easily on the basis of his or her leadership qualities. Either it is politics, sports world, economics, governance, business or science & technology a self-acclaimed leader can’t survive unless his or her followers accept him or her as their leader. Therefore, a leader is leader because of the followers and not because of his or her status or position as a leader.

“Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.” –Vince Lombbardi

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