How to get the job of your choice?

To get the job of your choice is not as easy as you are simply hired by someone. In latter’s case you don’t have any choice because of the financial stress and you join the one that is upfront offered to you. However, while doing a job to manage your finance you keep on searching the one you like the most or where you would be quite satisfied. But this is the most common mistake we do. Remember, we cannot find a work which we like the most while doing any other work. So from the very beginning I mean just after quitting the job or completing your studies make a plan to be hired by a company on a post where you remain fully satisfied.

To get the job of your choice there are certain steps you must take with full devotion to make them work for the achievement of your goal. Here are these steps.


If you don’t know how perfect you are in your work you will not be able to convince the others about you. This is the main mistake most of us do while searching a job which we want. So instead of making a great hunt we make a jumble in our search and our entire effort gets so messy. So much so we forget our real aim and get the one that is offered to us regardless of the fact whether it is the most fit for us or not. Therefore, it is must to first assess you, which means to evaluate your knowledge, skills and qualities. You must have the exact answers of the following questions.

  • How perfect I am in my subjects of studies?
  • How vast and practical experience I have in my field?
  • Do I love to accept challenges?
  • Am I a good time manager?
  • Can I meet the deadlines without fail?

Your answers of the above questions should not be in flat yes or no; but there must be a level where you are standing in the replies of these questions like good, better, best, excellent. You can quantify your answers as A, B, C. If your 70 per cent answers are in A category it means you should move to the second step given below else you must improve yourself to be the hot candidate for the job of your choice.

Job Search Strategy

To get the job of your choice you must develop a strategy where you have to address the following points.

  • What are the primary sources of my job search?
  • What are the secondary sources of my job search?
  • How do I respond to the vacancy announcements of primary sources?
  • How do I approach the vacant posts I come to know through my secondary sources?

Here primary sources mean all the jobs that are advertised through newspapers and websites. For this purpose you have to allocate a specific time daily to go through all job boards on popular websites where you think the jobs related to your field are advertised. Secondly you have to read the newspapers of your area where such jobs are placed. After internet most of the newspapers have their net edition so you don’t have to buy all. Just buy those that don’t have net editions though it is quite strange in this age of information technology.

Secondary sources mean the reliable information you get from your friends and family that is also called the word of mouth. If you come to know that a job is vacant in an organization you don’t have to directly approach it. First you have to find is there any  person in the company that may guide you either it is directly accepting the resume of candidates or you have to go through an insider. If latter condition is there then you have to see if anyone is inside the company you may know else you should not directly drop your resume in such company. Most of the companies don’t accept the job application without any referrer. Being a jobless person you must have contacts in your field to find a referrer. In this case your former teachers can be a great help if you were their good student.


Remember, every vacant post is not advertised. You must develop your networking to get the job of your choice. Your networking should be online and offline both. For online networking you have to be frequent visitor of your social media accounts and must publicize your education, experience, field of interest and career objectives. For this purpose Linkedin is the best one. But simultaneously you should also be equally active on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Here you don’t have to advertise yourself but to develop good rapport with the high professionals of your field to let them know about your worth.

For offline networking, first all use your family. Whoever in your family related to your field or its vicinity remain in touch with him. Secondly, it comes the number of your friends and then your community where you are living. All the people who are in touch with you must know what type of the job you want to get and how much stuff you have to become eligible for that.

So these are the main tips to get the job of your choice. Once you get to know the vacant post where you want to be hired you just have to follow the regular process of hiring starting from developing your CV and covering letter, dropping the both in the company and then giving a winning interview to get the job of your choice. Best of luck!

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