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How to reduce gap between your real self and ideal self?

what you are and what you should beThere are two types of people in this world. One type is of those people who think what they are. Other type is of people who think what they should be. They are the people who want to become something in this world. They are ambitious. They keep their ambitions higher. They are not day-dreamer but they are passionate about their success. It does not mean the former type of people are nobody. They are the most practical people who actually believe on whatever they are. They want to get maximum benefits from their present position. Both types of people have their own pluses and minuses but this post does not mean to compare them. This is actually an issue of gap between your real self and ideal self. Here the main problem is:

  • Why do you set goals so higher than you can achieve?
  • Why you fail to achieve your goals and lag far behind of them?

Category one

Apparently both the issues sound same but they are quite different. In former case you just set highest possible goals in your life without seeing your capability to achieve them. Consequently you fail to achieve slighter of them and remain perturbed during your whole struggle. As a result you get frustrated so much so that you become completely flop person. You just lament over your failures and don’t try anew to reset your goals and become successful in your life. You actually create a big gap between your real self and ideal self.

Category two

Some people set quite rational goals in their life but despite of that they fail to achieve them. They actually could not have struggled in right direction. As a result they fail to achieve their rational goal despite having ability to achieve them. But they wrongly blame their goals that could not have let them be successful. They fail to point out real fault. They lament over their goals as being so lofty though their struggle was not right. Instead of correcting the direction of their struggle they try to reset their goals. They also create a gap between their real self and ideal self.

Where lies the actual problem

In both the cases problem does not lie in goals or struggle but the real problem is failure to identify the main fault. In case of former the person blames his struggle faulty and in latter case person points finger at goals. However they should have reviewed their analytical skill why they are not identifying the main problem.

The main problem

The main problem is the difference between our real self and ideal self. In both the cases strugglers fail to fully understand:

  • What they are?
  • What they should be?

So proper review of both these facts is must before starting your struggle. The first question “what you are” is actually an introspection where you have to put aside your passion, desire and enthusiasm and just evaluate what skills, experience and energies you have. In analysis of “what you should be” you just have to keep before you the detailed report of your introspection. If you have that much capability to achieve your set goals then nobody can stop you from becoming successful in your life.

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