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In most of the developed countries government job interview is not quite different from that of private sector while in least developed countries its all parameters are entirely different because in such countries there is not so much strict merit in recruitment policy of government sector. Most of the hiring is made there on the basis of purely documentary evidence of previous track record and professional traits are secondary consideration for this purpose.


Government job interview mostly focus the aptitude of candidate apart from qualification and experience because doing a government job demands a certain mindset to work under pressure in unusual situations. Despite of job security compliance is must in government sector because government bosses have to report their progress to superiors very frequently and political leadership can not afford any kind of leniency in government performance as it has to fulfill the promises made to public during election days.

Government job interview is conducted in same way as done so in private sector but here panel of interviewer may comprise of experts of various fields because public sector enterprises don’t believe in getting the work done by hiring jacks of all trades and recruit specialist of every field. If there is need of administrator then government department would not search an administrator with strong IT background but would separately hire two persons one for administration and the other for IT. Owing to profusion of resources government sector does not try to save while hiring and not select one person for multiple jobs.


Therefore to be a hot candidate in government job interview one has to focus one’s field of specialization and needs not worry to spruce up secondary areas of expertise like most people apart from doing business management also obtain experience in human resource management because being a business manager they also manage their staff and get multiple professional experiences.


In government job interview the policy of recruitment is strictly followed and several questions are asked to just to verify the eligibility of candidate of the job he or she has applied for. Like status of being native is most important eligibility to hire in government sector because foreigners’ placement is usually against the recruitment policy of most counties.


In government job interview innovation and creativity above the certain level is not required because in government sector most of the work is done under set parameters and out of the box ideas are not welcome. There is hanging sword of accountability over it and hence why no any kind of risk is taken while delivering to the public. Moreover, its performance remains under vigil eye of political bosses and vibrant media apart from civil society and slight deviations from standard norms might subject to harsh criticism by any watchdog.


In short we can say that in government job interview the basic criteria of selection is more or less same as that of private sector but most of the additional points are also considered which a candidate should keep in mind to become a most suitable candidate for a government job. For more detail click here

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One thought on “Government job interview

  1. First let me start by saying that wethevar companies that have given you this lame excuse for not hiring you are not worth your time. Corporations are ultimately microcosms of the real world so it would seem to me that if you fit in the real world as a functioning member of our society than if given the opportunity you would fit into any corporate culture. If it would give you peace of mind in your next job searches try to meet people who are already employed there to get an idea about what kind of people thrive there. I’m not psychic but I think you may be getting this brush off because they may feel you are over-qualified (too much experience) and that you may not be trainable to fit into their established way of doing things. Try to reassure them of your willingness to grasp all parts of the processes and protocols they have in place while incorporating your knowledge and skill sets.


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