Gender issue in business environment

Gender issue prevails everywhere. In community, society, educational institution and workplace; it is present in one form or the other. It has been prevailing since centuries. In the beginning of this universe man had more powerful role in community because of the physical strength. However, with the passage of the time the inner strength of woman disclosed to all.

Woman in modern times

In present times enlightened segment of the societies everywhere follow no discrimination for women. In home, community, society, educational institution and workplace women are equally treated. However, it is not happening ideally all over the world. In advanced countries of Europe and America there is no gender discrimination in every sector of the life. But despite of that they are not at equal footing in all the sectors.

Women encourages in specific fields

For example only twenty percent astronauts of the US and Europe are women folk. This ratio is dismally low. Similarly in hi-fi fields of engineering like mining the ratio of women is quite lower than that of men. Its reason is not any kind of discrimination. In advanced societies women are inducted in the fields which are quite convenient to them. In the fields of marketing, entertainment, media, research, medicine, administration etc women are quite large in number. However, in the fields of tough labour and higher risk women are still lesser.

Gender bias still prevails

The women workers still have to face gender discrimination everywhere. In advances societies it is little hidden and one can observe gender bias in the looks of male colleagues or in their gossips. On the other hand in backward countries of Asia and Europe gender bias is quite alarming. In some countries there are laws which bound women to join specific professions. A few posts are allocated in military for women folk in most of such countries. These posts are also of administrative in nature.

Women in corporate world

In corporate world situation is not quite dismal. Multinational companies are always equal opportunity employers and also pronounce it in their every job opening. But the question is why still women hold lesser superior position even in multinational companies. Is it bias against them. Obviously not, its reasons are many.

  • Owing to their household responsibilities many women discontinue their jobs
  • Married women at the time of child birth take long leave and this gap offers edge in service to their male colleagues
  • Being less adventurous in nature women do not believe in careerism with same intensity as their male counterparts do
  • Women folk despite being good professionals seek more satisfaction in their family life
  • When their children grow up they give more attention to them and do not remain proactive in their jobs.
  • Because of their inner nature women remain contented on what is in hand and don’t become so passionate to move ahead.

Therefore, we can say that after passage of time gender bias is on decline at workplace but somehow it does stay in their male counterparts. Therefore, women folk do not have across the board opportunities in every field. They have to keep their professional focus on specific fields only.


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