Conflict and conflict management

When we talk about conflict and conflict management, it doesn’t mean we are going to explore any rocket science (any complex study). It’s all about our every day life. Almost daily we come across one or the other type of conflict. Moving your office you want to cross the road first and the car coming from your right want to move fast avoiding letting you cross first. Yes this is conflict. What happens in such situations mostly, either you deal it tactfully and allow the car to move first if it is in speed and if someone wiser is driving the car you might cross the road expecting it to wait awhile. In both the cases the conflict between you and the car is managed with the consent of both, not done thru talks but thru body language and facial expressions.

Conflict management is an art in one way but one doesn’t have to do any sort of specialization for that. Wherever need arises one has to be a conflict manager. If it doesn’t happen in one’s way then one simply watches around several conflicts which are being settled. Just at the entrance of your office you see a visitor insisting the receptionist to let him or her go inside the office to wait while boss arrives. But the receptionist might be asking the visitor to stay put in waiting room and as soon as boss arrives she will be sending him to boss office. Here receptionist will follow rules to manage the conflict and would just inform the visitor that he is not allowed to be seated in someone’s office until the responsible person of that office is present there.

In a family, lot of conflicts go invisibly and ends by themselves in the best interest of the family. But actually family conflicts are resolved by the sacrifice of one of the conflicting parties. In an eastern society if wife wants to do a job and husband wants her stay at home for upbringing of kids, in that case the mother’s love act as deciding factor and if they can’t afford babysitter or there is no nursery nearby their home then eventually wife opts to stay at home in the best interests of children’s breeding.

In business, most of the conflicts are managed on the basis of mutual interest. A formula to settle the dispute between two conflicting partners is one which serves the interests of both. For example one party wants delivery of his or her order in a week’s time while supplier the other party can do the order in two weeks at least then the delivery in ten days is treated a midway between them and dispute is resolved serving the needs of both.

At political front two parties with difference of opinion on any issue of national importance settle their dispute with the power of ballot which is the most democratic way to resolve the conflict. However, this method needs lot of efforts and cost huge money because entire stakeholders either members of parliament or a group of specific community like laborers, housewives, teachers have to vote in favor or against of a proposal.

Whatever method is adopted or whoever are the conflicting parties but at the end of the day they have to resolve their dispute to move ahead otherwise they may stand still foregoing the benefits of moving ahead.

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