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After how many failures you should quit your struggle?

depressed on how many failuresFailure is when a person does not succeed at something or is unable to achieve a goal. A person can fail at anything from something that is a part of their daily routine to a goal that they had set for themselves. The things that a person fails at achieving might be small or large depending on what they are and why a person needed to achieve them. Failure is the opposite of success and unlike success, a person experiences humiliation and depression when they experience failure. Even the thought of failing at something that is as huge as a lifelong goal can shake a person up and mess with their emotions.

Why do people fail?

There are many reasons why a person might fail, some of which include:

  • Carelessness
  • Hasty decisions
  • Making the wrong decisions
  • Relying on others for success and giving up.

Why a person fails does not matter at all. What matters more than why a person fails is how many failures it takes a person to finally realize what they had been doing wrong and makes sure that they do not repeat their mistakes. People need to know why they failed so that they can figure out what they need to do in order to make sure that they succeed the next time they struggle for success.

After what amount of failures should a person quit their struggle?

If a person fails time and time again, they should quite their struggle. This is something that most people suggest to the people who fail every time they struggle to achieve something. Well, in order to know after how many failures one should give their struggle up, a person needs to know what they should do each time they fail. The following are the things that a person should do every time they fail.

What to do when a person fails for the first time?

When a person fails for the first time, they should do get their act straight and try again and this time, they should make sure that they take each step carefully and think every action through before performing it.

What to do when a person fails for the second time?

If a person fails for the second time, they should carefully examine the steps that they took and the decisions that they made. Once a person analyze and examine each and every step that they took, they will be able to find out what they had been doing wrong. Once a person knows what they have been doing wrong, they should try again.

What to do when a person fails for the third time?

“Three” is the answer to the question “how many failures does it take for the average person to quit their struggle?” Most people suggest that once a person has failed for a third time, they should simply quite their struggle and find something else to do. In addition, a person can also put their quest to rest for a specific amount of time which should be enough to allow them to regroup and think of a solid strategy which will help them succeed. In any case, a person should quite their struggle, either for good or for a specific amount of time, once they have failed for a total of three times.

Now it’s your turn. When do you think a person should quit their struggle for success?

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