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5 tips to improve your memory without medicines

tips to improve your memoryWhatever you study you want to retain it in your mind more and more. If you have more info in your memory you can impress all. You can be prominent at our work place. You can win the heart of our client. You can manage our work very smartly. You can meet the deadlines easily because you don’t have to refer anything to confirm what you write or put in your report. So it is necessary you should have sharp memory to use it and take every possible advantage in your professional and personal life both. Here are 5 tips to improve your memory without any medicine or brain exercises.

Shuffle must

If you don’t shuffle any perishable goods like fruits or vegetables what happens to them. They get rotten and become rubbish. Same is the case with your knowledge. If you don’t shuffle it you will forget it. So you should repeat it and use it as much as you can. In this way all the knowledge you have will remain fresh. You need not to allocate separate time for this purpose. You simply have to use whatever in your mind during communication of all types. If you are simply talking informally with somebody put your knowledge in your speech as much as you can and don’t think any pomp and show of your erudition it is just a practice and your listener will be impressed by you. This is the main point in all the tips to improve your memory with mind exercise.

Take interest

While reading or listening anything you must take interest in it. You don’t have to do any yoga to develop interest just ask these three questions while reading, listening or watching about anything.

  • What is its background?
  • What is its impact?
  • What is its cause?

Every activity, theory, reality or philosophy has cause and effect. Simultaneously it has a background that makes it happen. So don’t learn anything or listen or watch in isolation. Try to attach it with your previous background about that subject and try to link it with practical life.

Interesting first

If you have to learn something or read a report try to first read the interesting aspect of that report first. It will make an interesting background in your mind about it to make you remember its maximum part. In this way you can improve your memory and retain maximum info. If you want to read a boring report about falling standard of education in a country you need to first glance over the education standard in various time period in that country. Then make a graph with the help of that trend. If it becomes a zigzag it means there are several rises and falls and you will remember this point with the help of a graph. After that you can read what the reason of that variation was.

Dotted info

If you get information about a topic in paragraph make it in dot form to easily remember them. Try to catch one main word of each point that is the engine of that sentence or the soul of that sentence. In this way you can remember the basic theme of every info-point easily.

Discuss and just discuss

Whenever you learn something new you should not think if you discuss it with somebody he may think you are trying to impress him. Even if he thinks don’t worry about it because your purpose is to improve your memory and to retain whatever you learn. So discuss newly read things with your friends and colleagues to refresh it and make it permanent in your memory.

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