3 qualities of great leaders you never know

We watch a lot of great leaders on media. They have very influencing personality. They shine in the crowd. Their body language and facial expressions prove they are the genuine leaders. They talk, people listen to them. They walk and people follow them. People await their appearance on media. Luckier are those who meet directly with their leaders.

Why I am narrating so much about great leaders. Yap you are right I am just recalling your impression about a leader. What do we mostly think about a leader? A person with lot of good qualities, hmmm. Honesty, hard work, dedication, truthfulness, kind-heartedness, steadfastness, confidence and several other qualities we often see in a leader. But there are several other qualities a leader usually has which we don’t know mostly. These are:

  • Forgiveness
  • Broadmindedness
  • Impersonal approach


Great leaders are never wicked or revengeful. They don’t waste their time in petty affairs. Their nature remains forgiving. They believe in the fact if they keep remembering minor things they would never rise to the level of being a great leader. Therefore, in their path of struggle whoever tries to stop them, they just avoid and keep on moving.

Leaders have to remain in people. They have to face different type of people. Some are their admirers, some simply followers, some jealous of them and some envious of them. So they just have to interact with all of them. Their objective is to take as much people as possible towards a set goal. So they remain attentive to a huge number of their followers. They ignore a few people who try to create problems for them. But if someone tries to stop the great leaders from their path of the struggle they don’t take it personal. It becomes their collective matter and with their followers they counter such elements.


It is an impression that great leaders though listen to all but do whatever they want. But actually they try to go for the best option and never take it personal. Their intention is to give the best from the better and don’t think who is the proposer of an idea.

A political or community leader has to be more broadminded. Here most of the matters are taken on personal basis. There is no any official team of such leaders. They are always surrounded by their dear ones. They sometimes have to face tough time when their dear ones have one stance over an issue and followers call for another point of view. In this way they have to decide on merit if they are really great leaders.

Impersonal approach

Great leaders remain personal to everybody but always think impersonally about every issue. If they become impersonal in dealing, people would stay away from such leaders. People need affinity of the leader. For that they have to be so personal with their followers as if each follower is the dearest one to them.

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